Monday, February 7, 2011

And now, the news:

Hello, and welcome to a new week at Me Here Her There!

Today's headlines:
  • As we are in the week leading up to Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day, this week we will each be writing a post about our thoughts on V-day.
  • A first for MHHT! We will be joined this week by a very special guest star, so be sure to come back on Wednesday to see who it is :)
  • Another first! Madsta's laptop has been confiscated and placed under lock and key for the week. The laptop has been reported to being held somewhere in the vicinity of the paternal study. Several liberation attempts have been made, but the laptop remains incarcerated. We will continue to follow this story throughout the week, and will keep you updated as new developments occur.
  • Please return later today as Tamsin will be posting her Guide to Valentine's Day.
Thank you, and good luck.

Image borrowed here.

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