Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks for the memories, 2010.

We're into our second week here at Me Here Her There, and we're so happy and excited that there are actually people out there who are interested in what we have to say. Thank you! We many only have 13 followers, but how lucky are we that 13 of the best the internet has to offer found us in just one little week!
Madsta has taken my New Year's Resolution for her at face value, and proposed that this week we both write about the things that we were grateful for in 2010. I've thought long and hard about witty, clever and sassy things that I could write about, but what I keep coming back to, above all else is this:
And him:
And them:
Becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts and blessings I have ever received. It has shown me so much: how to love unconditionally, how to be more patient, that miracles can, and do, happen even in my life. Being a mother is easily the hardest, most challenging thing I have done, but it's also hands-down the most fulfilling and rewarding. I love how being a mother has given me the chance to see my husband as a father. I always knew Nick was kind, loving, gentle, playful and fun, but I feel like I've discovered whole new sides to him that I had only glimpsed before. I'm grateful for another year and a new adventure spent with my best friend.
I'm grateful for things that don't fall into quite so profound categories too: I'm grateful that my son, Espen, has a wild and crazy side, enjoys baths and finds sneezing hilarious. I'm thankful that he likes books and being read to, and can often be found sitting on the floor with a book, turning the pages and solemnly narrating. I'm thankful for how much he enjoyed Christmas and fully embraced ripping the paper off his presents. I'm thankful for the opportunity he gives me to play and be silly every day. As my friends could tell you, I don't dance at all, but I do dance with my little boy. I'm grateful to walk in a world where people are a little kinder and a little friendlier simply because I'm holding a baby in my arms. I'm so, so grateful for every moment that I have to see my little boy grow up and transform into whoever it is that he is going to be.
2010 was also a year for learning to appreciate what you have, and to not take anything for granted. My dad is fighting cancer, and it is a reminder ever single day to remember the things and the people that truly matter. Although my parents are far away, I am learning to make the extra effort to talk to them as often as we can, and to Skype with them so they can have a relationship with their grandson. I am very grateful that my parents were able to fly out and meet their grandson in person last spring. I am not grateful for the struggles my daddy has to face, but I am grateful for the lessons in perspective and perseverance that I am trying to learn. I'm thankful for my mother and the unbreakable strength that she has shown through it all.
And I'm very grateful that my dad, as curmudgeonly as he may be these days, is willing to do whatever it takes to stay with us.
It has been a year of stretching and growing and growing up. Although it was my first completely school-free year since, oh, the mid-80s, it feels like I've learned and learned and learned. And I am grateful for every step it has taken me towards the person I'm trying to become.


Tessalulale said...

I am grateful for allof these things too, including yoyou, and all of the inspiration you so willingly give!

Anonymous said...

Aren't little boys just delightful?

wendysinfamilie said...

He is so beutyfull.... nydelig ...

A wonderfull thing it is to become parents..

Tana said...

I'm thankful for this little reminder of the things that really matter. Wonderful post!

Anne said...

I'm grateful to be the mother of such a perceptive and eloquent person. I love that little family in sunny Spanish Fork and am counting the days to May 5th when I can lay my greedy hands on that grandson of mine. It'll be nice to see tam and Nick too!

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