Monday, January 24, 2011

Questions from Tamsin on a Bloggy world.

Maddy here, and, in an effort to keep this cute blog informative and fun, Tamsin has composed some questions on this peculiar habit of blogging, Enjoy!

1. How long have you been blogging, and what made you decide to start?
I'll have been blogging two year's on April 12th- so I was just a baby faced 15 year old when I started rambling on about absolutely nothing- now I'm a worldly-wise nearly 17 year old you know.
It was Easter Sunday and my Mutti, my Irish Grandma and I had spent it alone with one sister on a sports tour of Australia- and my Dad having taken my other siblings and our poodle down to Bournemouth to stay with my Grandparents- we had been to mass, eaten a lot of chocolate and seen 17 again and the day was winding down and I had nowt' to do- I was already a convert to blogging having followed Cjane and NieNie for near enough a year (little girl- big reader) and a few clicks later and I had a blog- it was scary and fun.

2.What motivates you to write?
At the moment nothing- the blog is a little abandoned, my bad.
But overall I enjoy seeing a finished post- reading through a month of post and remembering the good time's behind the words, and knowing I am remembering my memories.

3. Do your family and friends read your blog? What do they think of it?
My family are not particularly technological (is it a word? I don't know) My dad likes to read it every couple of weeks and pull me up on spelling mistakes, comment on pictures he didn't know I'd taken of him and congratulate me on being bothered- Mum will read every couple of months and giggle like a girl, But my littlest sister Eve is my biggest fan, she think's it's great.
My parents are fairly breezy over it, it is my decision to make and keep it, and of it's content, they like the cute people who email to say nice things.
My friends read from time to time and look at the pictures.

4. Tell us about a post you are particularly proud of.
A lot of my posts are fairly pointless, a few have meant something, I don't know if I have a particular post I'm proud of, but the post that gets a crazy amount of traffic is one that I wrote after my sister's car crash last May- it is one that is the most read on my site and every day without fail gets a good dozen views a day- I'm really not sure who's reading it.
It reduced said sister to tears and got me a lot of email- I'm proud that I was able to write my feelings clearly and remember it.

5. Any regrets or lessons learned from blogging?
I don't hugely reflect on past mistakes, because I'd never think of anything else!- but I suppose If i could give my baby faced fifteen year old blogging self a message it would be to care less and blog for myself.

6. What is the next big thing for The Madsta Journals?
At this stage a post with some substance would be a big thing, Ultimately I want it to be a journal of my big milestones, my passing or failing of exams, my birthdays, my family and my life, my summers, and my friends- but if anything big were to happen- I hope to get a few more giveaways and pick up the pace and maybe get a few guest posts in there- and one day, when I'm rich, I want to get a blog designer in to make it pretty with vintage charm.
nothing much really.

7. What do you get out of blogging, and what do you hope people get out of reading your blog?
I get a sense of pride when it's up to date and I can read through it- mostly though it's the people I get to talk to- ten minutes ago I was emailing Tamsin about this post and we were comparing weekends, because we've become such good friends through our blogs, two students who I know of, read my blog and have been giving me brilliant advice of how to navigate the big bad world of Gap years, University's and careers- because they've been there! I love hearing from people who read and getting to know about their lives in different places.
Basically it's fabulous for people who are nosy.

8. Any areas you'd like to improve in?
The length of most of my posts isn't great- the photography (someone just needs to buy me that big camera) and how often I post- sometimes it's three times a week, sometimes three times a month.

9. Who are some of your blogging superheroes?
Tamsin!- she always makes me smile and I love it when I see she has written a new post- she makes an effort and always tries to improve on some aspect of her life or someone Else's which I love.
NieNie- need I say more? she's awesome
Cjane- I love how honest and funny her posts are, I feel like if any of you met me in real life my sense of humor might be really weird to you if your not English (Tamsin you don't count because you were born in England)- but I feel like we'd have a such a giggle.
Katy Dill- she always inspires me to be creative and have loads of children (like I need inspiring, I'm chomping at the bit- when I'm older)
The Glamourai- she makes me bother to get dressed up.

10. How important is feedback from your readers to you? It's definitely become more important to me since I went from 7 followers to about 80 and then some, quite literally overnight after I wrote a post for Cjane and suddenly I had people vocally enjoying my blog, but I didn't always have it, so I s'pose I would blog regardless, but I like to make friends with those who make the effort to give feedback, and definitely enjoy suggestions and the like.

11. Do you worry about the privacy aspect of blogging whereby people can access a lot of personal information?
Perhaps somewhat naively, I rarely do, if someone wanted to and tried hard enough they could probably probe my town and find out my address but why would they? I try and respect the privacy of my family- there is only so much they probably want me to put up, but for now, it doesn't keep me awake at night.

12. Would you consider going private?
There have been a few times when I'd like to say yes, maybe, no, sometimes the idea of knowing who is reading is quite comforting, but normally, I'm okay with anyone reading, as if I wasn't I wouldn't write it regardless- perhaps if I was older, and had my own children, I might reconsider my response.

13. Do you read a lot of blogs and visit certain ones daily?
I do- most of which are listed on my list at the side, if I like a blog I follow it and really enjoy coming home from school and seeing if anyone else has posted- I recently discovered The pioneer woman, and it has become my favourite place since my diet began- I can look without gaining any!

14. Do you consider yourself a long term blogger? what are your plans?
For the most part- yes, I'd love to have documentation of my Uni years, and anything beyond, but sometimes the lure of packing it in tempts me- but I think I enjoy the good parts of blogging such as the people- too much to do so.
Whew!- If you made it to the end you win an orange- I don't have enough to go around so you'll have to buy your own on my behalf- or an apple.
Tamsin is going to be answering these very same questions on Wednesday (My Daddy's 51st- Birthday, not Wednesday)

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Tana said...

I, for one, am happy you decided to blog and stick with it!

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