Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Once more with feeling

The first few days of January are kind of a special time. A brand new year lies ahead, free of mistakes and disappointment, full of opportunities and promise. The world feels freshy-fresh and new, not unlike a thick, white carpet of fresh-fallen snow that no one has had a chance to stomp their big, messy boots all over yet. And all that clean freshness - it's yours.

So we make resolutions. This is the year, friends! This is the year for losing that weight/giving up smoking/learning to play the ukelele/whatever your little heart desires. We plan and we hope and we try to be a little better. Of course we all know that there are 365 perfectly good days for turning over a new leaf, that we can make whatever changes we want to whenever we want to. So why not right now, when the world is nothing but clean pages on the calendar and endless opportunity? Why not take that extra motivation and channel it into the first steps towards something great? That's what I'm doing:

My 2011 New Year's Resolutions

  1. Really spend time with my little boy, Espen, every day. Read books, play games, go on adventures. Give him my full, undivided attention. (Actually, this one applies to all sorts of areas of my life. Less multi-tasking, more focus.)
  2. Eat better and cook better meals with, and for, my family. Specifically, I'd like to plan our weekly menus ahead of time, and use more fresh ingredients in our cooking. Less pre-packaged, more "from scratch".
  3. Do something every week that is just for me.
  4. Send someone a real letter or card in the mail every month for the rest of the year.
  5. Spend my time with my husband, Nick, better. We're both so tired in the evenings that we usually just end up watching a movie and then falling into bed. I'd love to spend more time talking, reading together, playing games and just enjoying his company.
And that's it for my resolutions! Of course I'd like to lose 50 lbs., learn another language, become an award-winning... something, and start training for a marathon, but baby steps, right? I think a big part of new year's resolutions is finding things that will not only make your life better, but also make you happier.

What is going to make you happier this year?

As for Madsta, I thought long and hard about what my resolution for her should be, and what I came up with is this:
Every week (or day or month), I'd like you to write down something that you are grateful for.It doesn't have to be anything big or serious, just start keeping a list of some of the positives in your life. Post it on your blog, write it in a notebook, whatever works for you. One thing I've learned so far in life, is that a thankful heart can carry you through anything.

Image borrowed here. Don't forget to check back on Friday for an ever-so-little giveaway!


Tana said...

Good choices for your resolutions and for Madsta! Well done!

madsta said...

Now those are some good resolutions, I like your one for me, :)

Stepper the Mighty said...

You guys! This is a GREAT idea!

Not the resolution thing - I mean, that's great too! I mean the whole blog concept.


neopolitan said...

Baby steps. Ahhhh... these realistic words are so refreshing. Travis & My resolution this year is just that. Focus on one thing at at trick ourselves into doing bigger things. hehe

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