Monday, January 3, 2011

New years resolutions

We all make them- resolutions, wanting this year to be better than the last, I am no exception, whatsoever.
I have thought for a few weeks about my resolutions, they are very typical.
1. I want to continue to loose weight (Anyone ever tell you the Holidays are a bad time to try? trust me)
2. I want to find acceptance, start going to church again.
3. I've this terrible antisocial habit, after I've done, or decided not to do- what I need, I spent the evening in my room, at the moment it's Prison Break, sometimes it's CSI, it used to be The Vampire Diaries, I want to spend more time doing things that are important to me, and less time wasting time.
4. I really, really, do not want to resit my first year of sixth form, so one of my big things this year, would be to pass, and get myself closer to that gap year.
5. Be more willing.
I don't think I've ever stuck to my resolutions before, not really, I'm not sure many do, but my oldest friend gave up chocolate- for a year, last year, and didn't break once, rather her than me, I say.
I have a rather hesitant resolution- which is why it isn't on the list, to take up running- or a sport, just to move a bit, tone those thighs, y'know- I won't hold my breath.
Anyone want to share their own resolutions?
Stay tuned 'til Wednesday, and Tamsin will be sharing her own- And my resolution for Tamsin?
I don't really know, she's really nice, she's funny, her blog is really interesting, her baby is really cute, she replies to email on time...I'm going to flake out and say keep doing what you've been doing- maybe a few more projects?

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Tamsin said...

Duly noted! I'm hoping to come back stronger on the blogging front this year :)

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