Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, monday

OK, before this goes any further you need to know that it was a serious struggle for me to not name this post "Just another Manic Monday." You should be proud.
Fittingly enough for this post, Monday was a very normal and average day in the North family household. It started about 8 AM when I sprang out of bed with a song in my heart (stumbled bleary-eyed for the bathroom) and then went through the everyday ritual of feeding Espen before checking my email and whatnot. Espen, my literary genius of a child, read himself a book.

After the usual rigamarole of breakfast and getting Nick off to work, Espen and I settled in to a morning of playing. To his delight, he has recently discovered that he can reach the DVD-player and the Wii all by himself. So, were you to spend even the most trivial amount of time with us right now, you would be sure to see this, accompanied by me sternly saying: "No, Espen. Don't touch! DON'T touch." At least I try to be stern. But it's not easy when he just turns around and grins, before solemnly repeating "No-oooo!" - and then going on to touch whatever he wasn't supposed to be getting into anyway. And then repeat 5,000 times.

10:49 AM, and Espen is down for his nap. This is the time where I can generally choose if I want to do something useful, or if I'd like to sneak in a little me-time. On Monday I went for the me-time, and wrote a little blog post.

And then I spent a sticky half hour playing Wii Fit. Aren't I cute? And don't you think I should take up Kung Fu with my husband and my brother (and a couple of Nick's co-workers daughters?)

When Espen has first woken up from a nap is one of the few times in a day when he's not too busy to let me sneak in some snuggles. A girl's gotta take advantage when she can!

Next up, lunch all round! Ham and cheese sandwich for me, Chicken noodle followed by mixed fruit for Espen. I'm not saying who, but one of us likes to smear his food in his hair.

After lots of playing (and forcible removal from illicit objects and locations), Espen was ready for another nap. So was I, but I bravely soldiered on (sigh!) and did some laundry. That kid, I tell you what! Even his laundry is cute.

I finally succumbed and fell into a heap on the couch.

But then I thought better of it, and got up and to wrote some thank you cards that I'd had on my conscience.

By 5:26 PM the day was moving fast. Nick was on the way home, I was feeding Espen and we were headed off to some friend's for dinner. But then I looked out of the window and saw that the mountains were pink from the sunset. I've lived here for 11 years, and I still can't get over how beautiful those mountains are.

9:48 PM, and we were home, with Espen safely asleep. Time to crack into one of my Christmas presents from Nick, and curl up with some lovely murder before bed.

And that, ladies and gentlemen (gentleman?), was my Monday. It might not have been much in terms of world history, but it worked for us. Any day spent with my family is a good day for me.


Tessalulale said...

The day of a mother is quite busy! But sure cute!

Tana said...

Ah, I remember it well! :)

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