Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In which Tamsin likes to talk about herself. A lot. At length.

Goodness, people, this is long. Maybe take a bathroom break and get a snack before you start? Possibly a nap?

1. How long have you been blogging, and what made you decide to start?
I launched Project Project (then 52 Weeks Later) on July 17th, 2008, so I've been writing for about 2.5 years now. I had written a blog before that, but that was filled with a lot more angsty, navelgazy stuff (and quite a few memes) than what I'm aiming for today. When I started the blog, it was intended as a way to give myself permission to dabble and try out all sorts of hobbies and projects, each within a one-week parameter. As I say myself in my very first post: "I decided I wanted to do a year long blog project, and I decided I wanted to something a little different from what I had already seen out there. Knowing in my heart of hearts that I would most likely not keep up any kind of project that would take much staying power, I decided to turn my weakness into a strength and indulge the part of me that wants to do all of this stuff for a week at a time. I'll do the things I want to do, try the things I want to try, and give myself one week to do it in."
Of course real life eventually set in, and juggling a new house, school, work along with a weekly project just got a bit too much, and I scaled things back to how they are today. Now I take more of a feast-or-famine approach, and do a project when the mood strikes.

2.What motivates you to write?
As far as blogging is concerned, my inspiration and motivation comes from day-to-day life. I write when I have an idea for a project or something I want to do. If I find myself wanting to do or change something, I'll often think about how to work it into a project for the blog. Since having my son, Espen, I've found that a good 80% or so of my focus revolves around him or things pertaining to him, and so it becomes very easy for me to want to write about that. However, I do try to not completely cave into the Mormon Mommy Blogger thing. 1) because not everyone who reads my blog is quite as enamored with motherhood and my child as I am, and 2) because I want to keep my blog as much for me as possible, so I try to keep my mind open to ideas beyond my little maternal sphere. Finding those ideas and projects that force me to extend myself a little bit are a huge motivation for me to write.

3. Do your family and friends read your blog? What do they think of it?
Some do, and some don't. I have several friends and family members who read very regularly and leave comments or talk to me about my blog, which I really enjoy. It's just nice to get feedback on the things to do! Then I have some very close friends and family members who aren't interested at all. I have to admit that there has been a little bit of a learning curve for me in accepting that blogging just isn't everyone's thing, and just because someone I love doesn't read my blog, it doesn't mean that they love me any less.
Of course I have to mention Nick, who lives with me and my blogging habits daily and is sometimes forced to take on my crazy schemes along with me. That man is a saint! He supports me in the things that I want to do, and helps me reign things in when they get out of control. I would say that every blogger should have one, but I'm not sharing!

4. Tell us about a post you are particularly proud of.
It's more like a series of posts, but I am very proud of a project I did called 30 days of 29. For the month leading up to my 30th birthday, I completed a new project every day. It was busy, and sometimes a little stressful, but very fun and very rewarding. I'm very glad I stuck with it and for all of the experiences I had that I might have missed otherwise.

5. Any regrets or lessons learned from blogging?
There are a few projects here and there that kind of went by the wayside, and that I didn't complete for one reason or another. For example, I regret that Project Cheer fizzled the way it did. I think I overshot the mark and tried to do something that my little blog just didn't have the kind of following to support.

As far as lessons learned are concerned, I think I am still trying to learn how to stay within realistic boundaries for what I can actually accomplish while still pushing myself a bit beyond my comfort zone.

6. What is the next big thing for Project Project?
Well, getting Project Service Project back on track (did anyone notice how that one slipped away?) is right at the top of my list of priorities right now, and I'm also looking into the possibility of having a few guest bloggers join me for some projects. And stay tuned in May when Project Project goes on the road!

7. What do you get out of blogging, and what do you hope people get out of reading your blog?
Blogging is tremendously selfish for me. It's a creative outlet that allows me to write for fun and for pleasure, without any big pressure to perform perfectly. My years in college taught me that I can write well, but also made me extremely self-aware as I wrote and edited and rewrote every paragraph until I was happy with it. Blogging is so much less formal, and I love that I can just hit the "publish post" without having to agonize over my writing first.
I also really, really enjoy the immediate feedback that blogging gives. I consider myself very fortunate to have such generous readers and friends who support and encourage me with every post I write.
What I'm trying to create for whoever reads my blog is something positive, fun and sometimes-a-little-bit-serious-but-not-too-serious. There is so much negativity in the world, and my highest hope is that Project Project can be sort of a little antidote to all of the nastiness out there. Similarly, if any of my projects have at all inspired anyone to go out and do something they've been wanting to try, then I really couldn't ask for anything more.

8. Any areas you'd like to improve in?
Yes! Always! I'd really like to learn to take better photos, and to write more regularly. Oh, and make a blog button and a better header, maybe and organize my content into something cohesive and logical. And and and!

9. Who are some of your blogging superheroes?
Madsta, of course! I love her! She has such a light and easy touch to her writing, and her blog is like a window into her world.
Gabrielle of Design Mom. My goodness, I worship her! She has so many great ideas for making parenthood look effortlessly beautiful and practical. And now she and her husband and five children are moving to France for a year. Can I be her? Just for a little bit?
Jill Ginsberg of Hundreds of Hundreds. After inheriting some money from her mother, she decided to spend a month giving away $100 to a stranger every day. When the month was up she just couldn't stop, and so for 2011 she is giving away 100 $100 bills. So inspiring, so uplifting.

10. How important is feedback from your readers to you?
Embarrassingly important. Whenever I post something new, I have to admit I check and check and check to see if anyone has read it and if they have left a comment. Oh, comments! Sweet ambrosia of blogs! Seriously, I love hearing back from my readers, and will often think of specific people I know who read my blog when I write a new post.

11. Do you worry about the privacy aspect of blogging whereby people can access a lot of personal information?
I do and I don't. I decided pretty early on to just be open about who I am and where I live. I have an unusual name for the area I live in, and honestly, if someone really wanted to try to find me, they could. Of course having a child makes safety more of a concern, and I could see myself reevaluating my stand in a couple of years when Espen gets older and starts spending more time away from home.

12. Would you consider going private?
Haha, no, because I'm too vain! One of the things I love about blogging is the community that you build and the friendships gained through reading and following each other's blogs. So much of that would be lost if I only allowed people I knew to read my blog.
I could, however, envision keeping a separate, private blog for family and close friends only if Espen's safety ever becomes a concern, and then just feature him less on Project Project.

13. Do you read a lot of blogs and visit certain ones daily?
Uhm, yes. I just checked, and it seems I follow 80+ via Google Reader! Although, to my defense, a lot of those don't update regularly. I just think people are so interesting, and love to see what they're up to. I guess I'm just nosy! I also follow a lot of design blogs, and just like to start my day out with something pretty to look at :)

14. Do you consider yourself a long term blogger? what are your plans?
Yes, I think so. For now, at least, blogging is my main hobby, distraction and creative outlet, and something that gives me a lot of enjoyment, so I will keep it up.

Yup, that was long, alright! Now for heaven's sake, go and do something else!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Questions from Tamsin on a Bloggy world.

Maddy here, and, in an effort to keep this cute blog informative and fun, Tamsin has composed some questions on this peculiar habit of blogging, Enjoy!

1. How long have you been blogging, and what made you decide to start?
I'll have been blogging two year's on April 12th- so I was just a baby faced 15 year old when I started rambling on about absolutely nothing- now I'm a worldly-wise nearly 17 year old you know.
It was Easter Sunday and my Mutti, my Irish Grandma and I had spent it alone with one sister on a sports tour of Australia- and my Dad having taken my other siblings and our poodle down to Bournemouth to stay with my Grandparents- we had been to mass, eaten a lot of chocolate and seen 17 again and the day was winding down and I had nowt' to do- I was already a convert to blogging having followed Cjane and NieNie for near enough a year (little girl- big reader) and a few clicks later and I had a blog- it was scary and fun.

2.What motivates you to write?
At the moment nothing- the blog is a little abandoned, my bad.
But overall I enjoy seeing a finished post- reading through a month of post and remembering the good time's behind the words, and knowing I am remembering my memories.

3. Do your family and friends read your blog? What do they think of it?
My family are not particularly technological (is it a word? I don't know) My dad likes to read it every couple of weeks and pull me up on spelling mistakes, comment on pictures he didn't know I'd taken of him and congratulate me on being bothered- Mum will read every couple of months and giggle like a girl, But my littlest sister Eve is my biggest fan, she think's it's great.
My parents are fairly breezy over it, it is my decision to make and keep it, and of it's content, they like the cute people who email to say nice things.
My friends read from time to time and look at the pictures.

4. Tell us about a post you are particularly proud of.
A lot of my posts are fairly pointless, a few have meant something, I don't know if I have a particular post I'm proud of, but the post that gets a crazy amount of traffic is one that I wrote after my sister's car crash last May- it is one that is the most read on my site and every day without fail gets a good dozen views a day- I'm really not sure who's reading it.
It reduced said sister to tears and got me a lot of email- I'm proud that I was able to write my feelings clearly and remember it.

5. Any regrets or lessons learned from blogging?
I don't hugely reflect on past mistakes, because I'd never think of anything else!- but I suppose If i could give my baby faced fifteen year old blogging self a message it would be to care less and blog for myself.

6. What is the next big thing for The Madsta Journals?
At this stage a post with some substance would be a big thing, Ultimately I want it to be a journal of my big milestones, my passing or failing of exams, my birthdays, my family and my life, my summers, and my friends- but if anything big were to happen- I hope to get a few more giveaways and pick up the pace and maybe get a few guest posts in there- and one day, when I'm rich, I want to get a blog designer in to make it pretty with vintage charm.
nothing much really.

7. What do you get out of blogging, and what do you hope people get out of reading your blog?
I get a sense of pride when it's up to date and I can read through it- mostly though it's the people I get to talk to- ten minutes ago I was emailing Tamsin about this post and we were comparing weekends, because we've become such good friends through our blogs, two students who I know of, read my blog and have been giving me brilliant advice of how to navigate the big bad world of Gap years, University's and careers- because they've been there! I love hearing from people who read and getting to know about their lives in different places.
Basically it's fabulous for people who are nosy.

8. Any areas you'd like to improve in?
The length of most of my posts isn't great- the photography (someone just needs to buy me that big camera) and how often I post- sometimes it's three times a week, sometimes three times a month.

9. Who are some of your blogging superheroes?
Tamsin!- she always makes me smile and I love it when I see she has written a new post- she makes an effort and always tries to improve on some aspect of her life or someone Else's which I love.
NieNie- need I say more? she's awesome
Cjane- I love how honest and funny her posts are, I feel like if any of you met me in real life my sense of humor might be really weird to you if your not English (Tamsin you don't count because you were born in England)- but I feel like we'd have a such a giggle.
Katy Dill- she always inspires me to be creative and have loads of children (like I need inspiring, I'm chomping at the bit- when I'm older)
The Glamourai- she makes me bother to get dressed up.

10. How important is feedback from your readers to you? It's definitely become more important to me since I went from 7 followers to about 80 and then some, quite literally overnight after I wrote a post for Cjane and suddenly I had people vocally enjoying my blog, but I didn't always have it, so I s'pose I would blog regardless, but I like to make friends with those who make the effort to give feedback, and definitely enjoy suggestions and the like.

11. Do you worry about the privacy aspect of blogging whereby people can access a lot of personal information?
Perhaps somewhat naively, I rarely do, if someone wanted to and tried hard enough they could probably probe my town and find out my address but why would they? I try and respect the privacy of my family- there is only so much they probably want me to put up, but for now, it doesn't keep me awake at night.

12. Would you consider going private?
There have been a few times when I'd like to say yes, maybe, no, sometimes the idea of knowing who is reading is quite comforting, but normally, I'm okay with anyone reading, as if I wasn't I wouldn't write it regardless- perhaps if I was older, and had my own children, I might reconsider my response.

13. Do you read a lot of blogs and visit certain ones daily?
I do- most of which are listed on my list at the side, if I like a blog I follow it and really enjoy coming home from school and seeing if anyone else has posted- I recently discovered The pioneer woman, and it has become my favourite place since my diet began- I can look without gaining any!

14. Do you consider yourself a long term blogger? what are your plans?
For the most part- yes, I'd love to have documentation of my Uni years, and anything beyond, but sometimes the lure of packing it in tempts me- but I think I enjoy the good parts of blogging such as the people- too much to do so.
Whew!- If you made it to the end you win an orange- I don't have enough to go around so you'll have to buy your own on my behalf- or an apple.
Tamsin is going to be answering these very same questions on Wednesday (My Daddy's 51st- Birthday, not Wednesday)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, monday

OK, before this goes any further you need to know that it was a serious struggle for me to not name this post "Just another Manic Monday." You should be proud.
Fittingly enough for this post, Monday was a very normal and average day in the North family household. It started about 8 AM when I sprang out of bed with a song in my heart (stumbled bleary-eyed for the bathroom) and then went through the everyday ritual of feeding Espen before checking my email and whatnot. Espen, my literary genius of a child, read himself a book.

After the usual rigamarole of breakfast and getting Nick off to work, Espen and I settled in to a morning of playing. To his delight, he has recently discovered that he can reach the DVD-player and the Wii all by himself. So, were you to spend even the most trivial amount of time with us right now, you would be sure to see this, accompanied by me sternly saying: "No, Espen. Don't touch! DON'T touch." At least I try to be stern. But it's not easy when he just turns around and grins, before solemnly repeating "No-oooo!" - and then going on to touch whatever he wasn't supposed to be getting into anyway. And then repeat 5,000 times.

10:49 AM, and Espen is down for his nap. This is the time where I can generally choose if I want to do something useful, or if I'd like to sneak in a little me-time. On Monday I went for the me-time, and wrote a little blog post.

And then I spent a sticky half hour playing Wii Fit. Aren't I cute? And don't you think I should take up Kung Fu with my husband and my brother (and a couple of Nick's co-workers daughters?)

When Espen has first woken up from a nap is one of the few times in a day when he's not too busy to let me sneak in some snuggles. A girl's gotta take advantage when she can!

Next up, lunch all round! Ham and cheese sandwich for me, Chicken noodle followed by mixed fruit for Espen. I'm not saying who, but one of us likes to smear his food in his hair.

After lots of playing (and forcible removal from illicit objects and locations), Espen was ready for another nap. So was I, but I bravely soldiered on (sigh!) and did some laundry. That kid, I tell you what! Even his laundry is cute.

I finally succumbed and fell into a heap on the couch.

But then I thought better of it, and got up and to wrote some thank you cards that I'd had on my conscience.

By 5:26 PM the day was moving fast. Nick was on the way home, I was feeding Espen and we were headed off to some friend's for dinner. But then I looked out of the window and saw that the mountains were pink from the sunset. I've lived here for 11 years, and I still can't get over how beautiful those mountains are.

9:48 PM, and we were home, with Espen safely asleep. Time to crack into one of my Christmas presents from Nick, and curl up with some lovely murder before bed.

And that, ladies and gentlemen (gentleman?), was my Monday. It might not have been much in terms of world history, but it worked for us. Any day spent with my family is a good day for me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My day/Monday in pictures.

Did you Know that today is s'posed to be the most depressing day of the year?- officially; for me, I'm really quite chirpy today; it's probably something to do with my new body clock alarm clock for people with SAD (maybe or maybe not me) I have not slept through the night straight since...forever, it's the coolest thing; but I'm getting off track- I'm not happy for a reason, it's pouring (It's England) I've had Lot's of work to do; but I can't quite feel blue; maybe it's all that Vitamin D I've been taking.
This week Tamsin and I are going to show you our Mondays- Mine was spent at sixth form because I'm trying to get me educated.
08:00am- Alex is already practising for being a teenager- it's like trying to raise the dead (In case you think I've got it cushy I've been up since 6:30am)
08:15- The daily necklace turmoil- for the life of me I need a new place to store them.

08:45- Late for school 'cus that's the way we do it.
11:00- Utilising break time to buy more art supplies, I LOVE new pencils/paint/lead.
11:45- Utilising our "study periods" to draw each other pictures.

12:23- cramming.
Lunchtime- inside joke on Tara. (Tara's Irish- could you tell?)

02:00pm- Art exam final push- Nadine's way of communicating with me.
03:46pm- Eve texts me from opposite me on the underground.
04:21pm- abandoned in the rain.
09:49pm- Time to stop blogging and get to bed, using my sunset
I promise this was my day- but I am the photographer and the lense you see- it points the wrong way!
Stay tuned 'til Wednesday where Tamsin will have something much more cleverly worded and all together more fun- but in the same context of a post for you!
(Say that five times over)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Car crashes and being grateful

I am grateful, full stop required.
I'm not sure If it's for last year being over, or for the blessings we received.
Maybe you read about My sister's car crash (one of two) but for me, that is the most significant thing that has happened to our family, to come so close to loosing a part of yourself, Is a nightmare.
I had a lot happen at once last year, it seemed like a flood and once it started it didn't stop, It started in February with a collision with a drunk driver being pursued by police, that one was a shock to wake up to in the morning, but we figured she'd be okay in a little while, and who is that unlucky?
I remember waking up, I was not long asleep in a bed with Eve, her foot was in my face- Mum was crying, and shouting at Dad to get up all at once- I went to see what all the fuss was about and Mum shot out the door without Dad- I remember her saying "Martyn it's really bad" Dad got up to leave- he'd been asleep, and I answered the phone to a paramedics crew, they wouldn't say much, talking about words like trying to stabilise and fatalities- then mum called in the kind of voice that made me want to cry and collapse all at once, I put dad on and he left.
Me and Eve didn't know what to do, it was nearly one am, I forget how, but we ended up on our knee's in the lounge, praying solidly for about an hour, crying our eye's out.
I didn't find out we'd lost our friend Jack until at 5am the phone rang and it was his younger brother- my age, his voice was so thick I didn't recognise him, he asked if Olivia was alright, if she'd made it, I didn't know, I asked him if he'd been in the car- if he was okay, he said his brother had been killed and he thought the driver had died (he hadn't).
That was when I felt angry, and sad and sick.

The next day my auntie Maggie came to see us and bought us lunch, because ultimately food fixes anything, we knew Oli was stable and mum asked me to get a card for Jack's family- who used to be our neighbours, that was when it hit me, I went to buy that card and when I got to the till I sobbed my heart out, the poor man on didn't know what to do.
We went to visit the crash scene after- it was littered in evidence markers, One of Jack's closest friends was sobbing his heart out, and all he could ask was how is my sister.
My heart felt grateful, I ached, I still do.
I felt like a tree had nearly stolen my sister.
You always love your family, it's a done deal, something you do unconsciously, but until then, I have never understood how much she is part of me, I felt it like an ache, I wanted to be near her, to see her, to comfort her- even though when I was and I realised she was okay, she was Oli still, all I did was eat her food and sometimes by accident knock her leg.
I was grateful for my friends, grateful for my teachers- letting me sleep on the job, grateful for the staff who let us sign out early and slip away.
I was grateful for the people.
I never knew how wonderful some people are until they're on your doorstep, sitting with you for the night, bringing you food, offering you free cab rides from charring cross hospital all the way to Ruislip, or the paramedics going all the way up to the 7th floor to ask us how she was- our teachers visiting, bringing books she might like or that I definitely did.
I don't know if I even make sense, I am grateful, with a full and aching heart, even these 8 months past, I am grateful for the people.

Is your name Erin?
Then Erin- please, do a dance, you may cross off one resolution already, because guess what? you won!
However you didn't leave an email address (rookie mistake) so you have to email me.
Or leave it below- either way.
I'm already grateful for 2011 and everyone's still healthy- fingers crossed people.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks for the memories, 2010.

We're into our second week here at Me Here Her There, and we're so happy and excited that there are actually people out there who are interested in what we have to say. Thank you! We many only have 13 followers, but how lucky are we that 13 of the best the internet has to offer found us in just one little week!
Madsta has taken my New Year's Resolution for her at face value, and proposed that this week we both write about the things that we were grateful for in 2010. I've thought long and hard about witty, clever and sassy things that I could write about, but what I keep coming back to, above all else is this:
And him:
And them:
Becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts and blessings I have ever received. It has shown me so much: how to love unconditionally, how to be more patient, that miracles can, and do, happen even in my life. Being a mother is easily the hardest, most challenging thing I have done, but it's also hands-down the most fulfilling and rewarding. I love how being a mother has given me the chance to see my husband as a father. I always knew Nick was kind, loving, gentle, playful and fun, but I feel like I've discovered whole new sides to him that I had only glimpsed before. I'm grateful for another year and a new adventure spent with my best friend.
I'm grateful for things that don't fall into quite so profound categories too: I'm grateful that my son, Espen, has a wild and crazy side, enjoys baths and finds sneezing hilarious. I'm thankful that he likes books and being read to, and can often be found sitting on the floor with a book, turning the pages and solemnly narrating. I'm thankful for how much he enjoyed Christmas and fully embraced ripping the paper off his presents. I'm thankful for the opportunity he gives me to play and be silly every day. As my friends could tell you, I don't dance at all, but I do dance with my little boy. I'm grateful to walk in a world where people are a little kinder and a little friendlier simply because I'm holding a baby in my arms. I'm so, so grateful for every moment that I have to see my little boy grow up and transform into whoever it is that he is going to be.
2010 was also a year for learning to appreciate what you have, and to not take anything for granted. My dad is fighting cancer, and it is a reminder ever single day to remember the things and the people that truly matter. Although my parents are far away, I am learning to make the extra effort to talk to them as often as we can, and to Skype with them so they can have a relationship with their grandson. I am very grateful that my parents were able to fly out and meet their grandson in person last spring. I am not grateful for the struggles my daddy has to face, but I am grateful for the lessons in perspective and perseverance that I am trying to learn. I'm thankful for my mother and the unbreakable strength that she has shown through it all.
And I'm very grateful that my dad, as curmudgeonly as he may be these days, is willing to do whatever it takes to stay with us.
It has been a year of stretching and growing and growing up. Although it was my first completely school-free year since, oh, the mid-80s, it feels like I've learned and learned and learned. And I am grateful for every step it has taken me towards the person I'm trying to become.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A little giveaway

Winning things- I'm excited too,
The lovely people over at CSN stores have offered us a $20 gift voucher for one of our 12,
If you live under a rock you may not have heard of them- they sell everything from modern office furniture to the kitchen sink! (though I'm not sure if they sell sinks)
You can check out their website here,All you have to do is leave your new years resolution below, and we'll announce the winner on Monday, my time, or Tamsin's,
Best of luck!

We're extending the contest to Wednesday, so get your little buns entered!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Once more with feeling

The first few days of January are kind of a special time. A brand new year lies ahead, free of mistakes and disappointment, full of opportunities and promise. The world feels freshy-fresh and new, not unlike a thick, white carpet of fresh-fallen snow that no one has had a chance to stomp their big, messy boots all over yet. And all that clean freshness - it's yours.

So we make resolutions. This is the year, friends! This is the year for losing that weight/giving up smoking/learning to play the ukelele/whatever your little heart desires. We plan and we hope and we try to be a little better. Of course we all know that there are 365 perfectly good days for turning over a new leaf, that we can make whatever changes we want to whenever we want to. So why not right now, when the world is nothing but clean pages on the calendar and endless opportunity? Why not take that extra motivation and channel it into the first steps towards something great? That's what I'm doing:

My 2011 New Year's Resolutions

  1. Really spend time with my little boy, Espen, every day. Read books, play games, go on adventures. Give him my full, undivided attention. (Actually, this one applies to all sorts of areas of my life. Less multi-tasking, more focus.)
  2. Eat better and cook better meals with, and for, my family. Specifically, I'd like to plan our weekly menus ahead of time, and use more fresh ingredients in our cooking. Less pre-packaged, more "from scratch".
  3. Do something every week that is just for me.
  4. Send someone a real letter or card in the mail every month for the rest of the year.
  5. Spend my time with my husband, Nick, better. We're both so tired in the evenings that we usually just end up watching a movie and then falling into bed. I'd love to spend more time talking, reading together, playing games and just enjoying his company.
And that's it for my resolutions! Of course I'd like to lose 50 lbs., learn another language, become an award-winning... something, and start training for a marathon, but baby steps, right? I think a big part of new year's resolutions is finding things that will not only make your life better, but also make you happier.

What is going to make you happier this year?

As for Madsta, I thought long and hard about what my resolution for her should be, and what I came up with is this:
Every week (or day or month), I'd like you to write down something that you are grateful for.It doesn't have to be anything big or serious, just start keeping a list of some of the positives in your life. Post it on your blog, write it in a notebook, whatever works for you. One thing I've learned so far in life, is that a thankful heart can carry you through anything.

Image borrowed here. Don't forget to check back on Friday for an ever-so-little giveaway!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New years resolutions

We all make them- resolutions, wanting this year to be better than the last, I am no exception, whatsoever.
I have thought for a few weeks about my resolutions, they are very typical.
1. I want to continue to loose weight (Anyone ever tell you the Holidays are a bad time to try? trust me)
2. I want to find acceptance, start going to church again.
3. I've this terrible antisocial habit, after I've done, or decided not to do- what I need, I spent the evening in my room, at the moment it's Prison Break, sometimes it's CSI, it used to be The Vampire Diaries, I want to spend more time doing things that are important to me, and less time wasting time.
4. I really, really, do not want to resit my first year of sixth form, so one of my big things this year, would be to pass, and get myself closer to that gap year.
5. Be more willing.
I don't think I've ever stuck to my resolutions before, not really, I'm not sure many do, but my oldest friend gave up chocolate- for a year, last year, and didn't break once, rather her than me, I say.
I have a rather hesitant resolution- which is why it isn't on the list, to take up running- or a sport, just to move a bit, tone those thighs, y'know- I won't hold my breath.
Anyone want to share their own resolutions?
Stay tuned 'til Wednesday, and Tamsin will be sharing her own- And my resolution for Tamsin?
I don't really know, she's really nice, she's funny, her blog is really interesting, her baby is really cute, she replies to email on time...I'm going to flake out and say keep doing what you've been doing- maybe a few more projects?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for visiting!
This here is our new, shiny, very pretty blog, It is aptly named, Me here, Her there, because it is penned by two women who are in very different places in life, across an ocean and then some, but get on like a house on fire. One day Tamsin sent an email penned 'A little collaboration perhaps?' and so this all began. Our 2011 collaboration.
Every week in 2011 we will pick a theme, and then each post something to the blog to fit that theme. Considering our differences in age, location, religion and personality, we think might be fun to see what we both come up with.

Who are we? I hear you wondering:

I blog over at The Madsta Journals,- a nickname I was given a few years back at school and have since shaken, most people call me Maddy.
I blog about; not very much at all really, and yet again, everything, I am sweet 16, at sixth form, studying for...something and trying to have a life all at once, It's exhausting.

And I'm Tamsin.
Let's pretend that lots of you know me from Project Project, where I have been writing about me and my crazy-brained projects for the
past 2+ years.
Unlike Maddy, I am not sweet 16, and have made it through my twenties alive, picking up a degree, a husband, a house and a baby along the way. Phew!
Having gotten all of those essentials into place, I am now enjoying the "rest of my life" that I spent the last decade trying to get to! It's nice - I recommend it :)

So, that's a little about us, who we are and what we're trying to do. Check back on Monday for our first official post. And please come back on Friday when we will declare our undying love to you by hosting out very first giveaway!
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